Head of the Kherson Regional State Administration Andrey Putilov is so frightened with «separatist moods» in the region, that gathered the whole meeting of the Defense Council in order to prevent interference with those from his point of view, remotely destabilize the situation.


Алексей Журавко: Херсон из-за Джемилева и Чубарова находится на гране войны!


In particular, Putilov pointed to the people’s deputy of the Ukrainian parliament of VI and V convocation Alexey Zhuravko, which, according to the governor of Kherson, «has an active anti-Ukrainian propaganda in social networks and on Russian television».


To control Alexey Zhuravko, deprived of the ability to move on his own, Putilov called, neither more nor less than the Security Service of Ukraine, whose representative was also at the meeting. The representative of the Security Service of Ukraine assured the governor that would make every effort to prevent the destabilization of the situation in the region.


Putilov ordered to control the activities of people with «pro-Russian» and «separatist» views to the head of the regional state administrations.