Some asylum-seekers having come to Finland from Iraq are publishing messages on social media calling their move to Finland a «mistake». Some of them are publically considering returning to Iraq.


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Members of a popular Iraqi Facebook page have been posting messages relating to their experiences as migrants in Finland. In one cellphone video posted on the page three Iraqi men advise their compatriots in Arabic:


«If you are thinking about coming here, seriously, don’t! We are already considering coming back to Iraq. We regret coming here. We were wrong! We paid huge amounts for nothing,» Ali, Kadar and Ali are heard saying in the video. «Coming here was a mistake».


The trio also bemoans a lack of clothing, high prices and small meal sizes in reception centres in addition to bad employment opportunities.


Another video on the page features a man called Mustafa standing outside the reception centre on Kaarlenkatu in Helsinki.


«It’s much better to live in Iraq», — he says in the video. «It is dangerous there, but so be it. I’m definitely going back. I’d rather die in my home country.»


«It is just terrible here. It’s safe and there are all kinds of things available, but we are suffocating».


The Facebook page has more than 200,000 followers from Iraq and elsewhere in the world.