Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov accused «Svoboda» party in the work for Kremlin. He made this statement during a briefing in Cherkassy, on Monday, on September 21.


«Svoboda» party is openly working for Kremlin. Anyone who comes to the protest with a grenade, also works for Kremlin. Anyone who comes to the protes with a grenade for thousands of kilometers away from the ATO area and throws it also works for Kremlin», — said Arsen Avakov.


Previously, «Svoboda» sued Avakov of defamation in connection with allegations of involvement in the events near the Verkhovna Rada on  August 31. In particular, the leader of the «Svoboda» Oleg Tyagnibok accused Avakov in the absence of a «European practice of investigation».


Avakov accuses «Svoboda» and Tyagnibok in the bloody events near the Parliament building. According to him, there are photos and videos that Tyagnibok was standing near the place where were beaten the Nationalist Guard soldiers.


In turn, «Svoboda» laid the blame for the events under the Rada on the government and demanded on Avakov’s resignation.