On the website of Ukrainian extremist gang «Pravyy Sector»* was published a report, which told about the readiness of gang to join the blockade of the Crimea, initiated by the Ukrainian «Majlis-in-exile».


«We see Crimean blockade as a double blow — as a direct blow to Moscow interests, and the impact on the current system, which has developed in Ukraine, the system of betrayal and bolt of the state interests».


In the «Pravyy Sector» also criticized the government for its lack of deliberate peninsula’s blockade.


«Poroshenko’s regime didn’t accept the blockade of Crimea, didn’t severed diplomatic relations with aggressor state, the war wasn’t recognized, and almost a year the country leading along the path of the Minsk shame».


In particular, to the Crimean blocade will also join the fighters of Zaporozhye «Pravyy Sector».


«At the end of this week, our fighters will travel to the southern borders of Kherson region to help the Crimean-Tatar people».