Participants of the «Slobozhanshchina’s Public Council» presented a bill on the special region «Sloboda». The bill was sent to the governor of Kharkiv region and deputies of local councils.





In particular, the bill contemplates the realization in Kharkov region the program of economic development, the improvement of its investment attractiveness, as well as the transfer of actual administrative mechanisms to solve social problems to the region’s level.


The authors of project propose to create special economic zones and industrial parks to enhance economic growth in the region.


In addition, the bill defines the basic organizational and legal basis for the functioning of a special region called «Sloboda», which is the territory of the Kharkiv region and the city of Kharkiv.


People’s deputy of four convocations Alla Alexandrovskaya said in her speech:


«Our bill will help to solve the problem of attracting investors and revitalize the region’s economy. I want to emphasize that in Kharkov has already operated a special mode of investment activity, and this has allowed entrepreneurs to modernize production and create new working places. But for this we need authority».


Kharkiv city council deputy Alexey Perepelytsya drew attention to the need of expanding social programs in the region:


«It is very important for our region, in the context of a general decline in industrial production in Ukraine to maintain the current funding of social programs and to create preconditions for the introduction of new support programs for socially disadvantaged groups. Our bill provides this all».