In Odessa region in a officer-involved shooting, two criminals were shot dead, another one was detained.


According to Odessa’s region police department press service, the police were investigating the murder of 27-year-old man, as a result, «was established involvement in the commission of the crime by resident of Odessa region, who escaped from Lugansk jail (not controlled), where he was serving a sentence for a serious crime, as well as two of his accomplices».


Law enforcers have found the criminals location and planned a special operation on detaining, then an investigative team went to the site.


«When criminals went on the route, law enforcement officers began their arrest. However, criminals have used firearms and grenades against the police officers, — said the press service. — Assessing the situation, the police used firearms to repel an attack and detain the persons who provided armed resistance».




As a result, two criminals were killed and the third was arrested. From the scene were seized pistols, a grenade, AK-74 and 150 rounds of ammunition.