This was reported by «Net Kiev» office. According to locals, at night from 7th to 8th of September unknown posted broad sheets with Nazi heroes at all memorial plates situated on Walk of Fame. In particular, we are talking about the poster for the «S.A.-Mann Brand» movie (representative of the SS shot in the Third Reich in 1932 by the order of Joseph Goebbels) and stylized agitational Nazi Party broad sheet of campaign to vote for Hitler.




Also were seen drawings of SS officers caps signed with «criminal lie», claiming that Nazism wasn’t a criminal ideology.





It is interesting that until now (morning, September, 9), none of the posters hadn’t been removed. According to employees of public service in Darnytskyy district, administration forbid to touch any printed materials marked with the label «buntokratia».





From News Front mail:


«My son chattered from the evening about some posters at all entrances. In the morning before work I decided to look. I made some photos, on the way to the subway and near the office, too, all the pillars hung with them. At work I shower them to employees. It turned out that it’s not political agitation, the usual propaganda of the Third Reich. Almost the same as in the twentieth century! In five minutes found in Google originals. Then called the GEC, they said that advertising of printed products with the label «buntokratia» was agreed and paid, employees of public service won’t pluck those posters. In Ukraine, as they say, there’re no Nazis. It’s a provocation, Russian and generally you are the Kremlin agent».