The new head of the DPR national Council refued in a conversation with a «Kommersant» information about the arrest of his predecessor Andrey Purgin by the Ministry of State Security of the Republic. «He is in Donetsk, he’s all right and he wasn’t arrested. I’m preparing for tomorrow’s meeting in Minsk, so I don’t have other information», — said Mr. Pushilin.


Earlier, Deputy of People’s Council Hellas Shaftner said to «RIA News» that Mr. Purgin and his wife are in the MSS, and they were arrested. But a spokesman of an ex-head of the National Council in an interview with radio station «Moscow speaking» doesn’t exclusive of that Mr. Purgin could be shot dead.


Another deputy of the People’s Council Miroslav Rudenko told «Kommersant» that «insinuations about his whereabouts began immediately after the resignation», and said he had seen Andrey Purgin neither on board meeting on September, 4 where was decided about his resignation, nor in the following days.


The press-service of the DPR Ministry of State Security reported: «On the morning we aren’t authorized to give information on the whereabouts of Andrey Purgin. Call tomorrow, we will have the new input».


Previously, «Kommersant» reported that in the DPR changed the chairman of the national Council. Andrey Purgin’s place took the DPR representative in Minsk contact group Denis Pushilin. Experts attribute the resignation of Mr. Purgin with his position regarding the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Andrey Purgin won’t continue his work in small groups to resolve the conflict in the Donbass during Minsk meeting.