Today’s interview of slightly drunk Poroshenko to the national television, without a doubt, will set enchanting gems of historic proportions. 


Poroshenko said about the possible scenario, according to which the Ukrainian army will defeat the Novorossiya’s army and with the rapid march will go to Moscow.


According to him, all the forces and means for doing this are already available.


«Today we already have enough power to stop the aggressor — we will build an army in one year», — said Poroshenko to reporters.


According to him, the march on an Independence Day was a report on progress in this direction.


«Together with volunteers, together with warriors, Ukrainian heroes and patriots, together with the soldiers, officers and generals, Defence Minister, Chief of General Staff — we were able to built a new army. And the whole country had a chance to see it during the March of Independence», — said Washington’s protege.


Furthermore, he stressed that the military budget of Russia «at all times was 30-60 times higher than Ukrainian».


«I will defend the life of every Ukrainian soldier, because it is my duty to parents, people, country», — added Poroshenko.


P.S. well-well… :)