«Ukrainian Tyzhden» journalist Bogdan Boutkevitch who called to kill people in the Donbass, had been sued for inciting ethnic hatred. This was said by the speaker of «Media lustration» movement Dmitry Vasilets during the broadcast on Ukrainian television.


In particular, the activists decided to sue on television as well, on which Boutkevitch made his scandalous statement.


«Our lawsuit on 100 thousand UAH on inciting ethnic hatred by Criminal Rule 172 — said Vasilets. — Of course, we will strive to bring this character according to the laws of Ukraine for inciting ethnic hatred».


Boutkevitch said that some people in Donbass are «unnecessary», and the region itself should be used only as a resource.


«If to speak about Donetsk region, there are at least four million inhabitants. Approximately half a million people out there are just superfluous. We don’t need to understand Donbass, we only need to understand Ukrainian national interest and to use Donbass just as a resource. It seems to me that the most important thing must be done at the moment, this may sound cruel, but there are a certain category of people who should be killed», — claimed Boutkevitch.