Chisinau. September, 6. INTERFAX — Near the Prosecutor-General’s Office Building in Moldova were clashes between protesters and the police.




As «Interfax» correspondent reports from the scene, clashes were provoked by the leaders of the «Red bloc» party that marched along the central streets of Chisinau.


Originally it was planned that several hundred marchers, which was organized by the «Red bloc» party, will join the mass protest in the Great National Assembly Square in the center of Chisinau. The action was organized by the Civic Platform «DA» (Demnitate si adevar — «Dignity and justice). Protest organizers called their protest movement the Great National Assembly and announced that the parties may support it, but without party flags and symbols.


Participants of the march, organized by the «Red bloc», went to the house, which is home to a well-known Moldovan oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc, and then went to picket the Prosecutor-General’s Office Building. Near the building was built security cordon of police, who stopped attemption to enter the Prosecutor building. In the hustle that emerged near the building, several people were injured. One woman was taken to hospital by pulled up ambulance.