An armoured vehicle with drunk ukrainian soldiers bumped into automobile, there’re victims. Today nearly 5 a.m. on the highway Donetsk-Mariupol there was a terrible accident.




An automobile «Lada Priora», which moved from the Donetsk region collided with ukrainian occupiers MT-LB (multi-purpose light-armored towing vehicle). 28-year-old boy passenger died at the scene.




45-year-old woman who was at the wheel, with serious injuries was taken to hospital №1 but died on the way to it. She had broken legs, arms and thighs. The condition is very serious. According to witnesses, a military truck with Ukrainian neo-Nazis, who were in a drunken stupor, raced at top speed, and went to the main dirt road.







It was reported that Ukrainian invaders beat witnesses of crime and under threat of punishment forbid to disseminate information about what happened, but nevertheless, the witnesses failed to make unique footage from the blast site and put them into a network.