Night in the DPR went calm, shelling of cities and areas from the Ukrainian side presently weren’t fixed. This was reported in administrations of the front-line areas and cities.




«In our area the night was quiet», — reported the administration of Kuibyshev district of the capital.


«Night at the Petrovsky district of Donetsk went well, attacks weren’t fixed», — said the head of district administration Maxim Zhukovsky.


In Kiev and Kirov districts of the capital attacks weren’t fixed as well, an information on violations of the ceasefire in Makeyevka and Dokuchaevsk wasn’t received too.


«The night was quiet, there was no state of emergency», — noted at the mayor’s office in Gorlivka, which has recently been the most intense point of the line of contact.


About calm atmosphere was reported in the Telmanovskiy, Novoazovskiy and Yasinovatskiy areas administrations.


Lull before the storm?