On September, 1, the DPR Head visited Donetsk secondary school №4, in which he studied himself. He congratulated first-graders and students with the Knowledge Day.



«I want to congratulate you, my dear first-graders. Now you’re starting a new life. Today is the first day when you’ll sit behind the desks, meet new friends. I’m sure you will obey your parents and teachers. Today you become adults. I wish you will never meet any troubles or hardships on your way, I wish you always smile and be happy. Educators and teachers — your profession is the only that deserves a lot of honor and respect. Thanks to your work we are becoming people», — said Alexander Zakharchenko.




As a tradition, the first bell rang on the celebration. Also students prepared a concert for invited guests — they sang songs and recited poems. A feature of the event was the school flashmob. Students of all classes held doves in the hands as a symbol of peace. In this way they have shown that Donetsk doesn’t want war.




After the celebration, the DPR Head gladly photographed with everyone who wanted.