Armored window on the third floor of the Verkhovna Rada




French journalist from the «Finance» publishing office was wounded in the head. He was given first aid and taken to hospital. 17th Kiev hospital is overcrowded.





News Front agency received an information that in Kiev, near the metro Arsenal traffic is blocked. Near the hotel «Kiev» there are new clashes. The unrest intensified.


Arsen Avakov
«Svoboda» vs National Guard!


«About 90 wounded under the Rada, including some people in serious condition. This is the result of several explosive devices thrown by the people in T-shirts of the «Svoboda» party who have a fight with a National Guard under the VR».


2:58 p.m.


Klichko: According to my information, during the clashes was killed one person. However, this information haven’t yet been reported by the law enforcement agencies.
This was said by Kiev mayor Vitaliy Klitschko to «112 Ukraine» TV channel.


2:57 p.m.


Law violator who thrown a grenade at soldiers of the Ukrainian National Guard is detained. This was stated by the chief police officer of Kiev Alexander Tereshchuk.


2:55 p.m.


Provocateurs who were sent by the special services of the Russian Federation threw explosives at the National Guard soldiers. This was told by the MP from the «Poroshenko’s Block» Alexey Goncharenko in the»112 Ukraine» channel broadcast. «I am sure that the explosives were thrown by the provocateurs, but who have sent these provocateurs… I think differently and whether they were sent by the special services of the aggressor», — he concluded.


2:22 p.m.









2:34 p.m.


Law enforcement officers intend to neutralize the provocateurs in the crowd of protesters under the Parliament building. It is reported by the correspondent of «112 Ukraine» TV channel.
«There was insider information from journalists. According to them, at any moment more tougher action will begin. According to my colleagues, law enforcement officers will neutralize all the provocateurs, who are in the crowd among the protesters, «- he said.
Now, he said, the situation is more or less calm, protests continue from the rostrum.




2:28 p.m.


Law enforcement officers are trying to find out what grenade was thrown by protesters under the Parliament building. This was reported by the correspondent of «112 Ukraine» TV channel.
«A lot of blood after an explosion. As for the strong explosion, there are two versions. One of them — it was a homemade grenade, the second — it was a hand grenade. Law enforcers are trying to find out this fact», — he said.



During the clashes under the building of Verkhovna Rada suffered 20 soldiers of Ukrainian National Guard, two of them are in critical condition. It is reported by the NGU press-service.