Donbass Defenders – «My palm clenched into a fist» [18+]

Посвящается всем бойцам и жителям Новороссии

Defenders of the Donbass — A sad and true Video about the War in Ukraine

Кадры военкора команды NewsFront Максима Фадеева, монтаж Алексея Кораблина специально для сайта


Donbass Defenders


This video is directed by the military correspondent Maxim Fadeev, edited by Aleksey Korablin. It depicts the struggle which residents of free Donbass republics have to go through, as well as brave efforts of Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics Militia, who are actively fighting in a war against the Kiev Junta, which took control under the Ukrainian government during an insurrection that happened in February 2014.


This film shows the everyday life and struggle of regular Donbass citizens who don’t want to knuckle under the Kiev tyranny, as well as the consequences of punitive measures which are cynically called «Сounter-terrorism operation» led by the Kiev authorities.


Among other things it reveals the consequences of an artillery shelling of civil and industrial Donbass districts, conducted by Ukrainian armed forces, as well as heroic resistance efforts of militia troops, who united to protect their native land and loved ones against the Ukrainian occupants and junta, which now have completely devolved into fascism and nationalism.


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