Dear Mark Zuckerberg!



У меня нет рта, но я должен кричать


You are well known all over the world for your position on defending freedom of speech. For this purpose you have started great project of “Global wi-fi”, that should give access to web for people from poor and non-democratic countries. So you, may be, would be upset by fact that in Ukraine government have created powerful system of censorship.


This system of censorship combines government departments like “Ministry of information” and groups of pro-government activists. Purpose of censorship is hiding facts of repressions against opposition and dissidents. So single point of view presented in Ukrainian media is pro-government and in fact freedom of speech is abused.


We don’t break rules of Facebook or Ukrainian laws, we don’t post hate speeches or propaganda of discrimination, we just want to outspeak our vision of situation.


We hope that you, dear Mark, will solve this problem of automatic bans and improve politic of Facebook in this sphere. Greatest social network should not be on the side of censorship.


Public sayings in social media with different from official point of view are pursued by communities of pro-government activists. They in particular use vulnerability of Facebook that allow automatic locking accounts of some users or their single posts after “flow of appeals” from other users of Facebook.


Predominantly such appeals are sent by hundreds empty fake accounts, that have been created by members of pro-government groups or employees of Ministry of information.


They use websites and for coordination their next attacks and searching next targets for locking. After appearance of new posts that may contain criticism of the government or parts of its politic users of these sites choose new victim and send hundreds of appeals on a “wrong” post or “wrong” user. By the way these sites also publish private data of oppositionists and in many cases it can be reason of their death or beating.


We think that in social media must be available all points of view on politic, economic and society of Ukraine and other countries. There are a lot of tragic events in modern Ukrainian history that urge people to discuss about it. But pro-government activists use non-fair play of “flow of appeals” to force to be silent all other people.


Alexander Rogers,
Facebook user, banned for month due to Ukrainian bots that used method “flow of appeals”