Houthis push back towards Aden

  Houthis retake several key positions lost in southern Yemen in past months      The Houthis have regained several positions lost in recent months across southern Yemen, in a fresh push towards the Gulf-backed

Europe: Welcome to a United Police State

  The next step of the change from the current European Union to what could be called a European Police State might be the infectious diseases which are coming to us from Asia and Africa.

38 involved into ISIS detained in Turkey

  Turkish police detained 38 foreign citizens in the province of Adana (south Turkey). Under the assumption of law enforcement officers foreigners were going to join ISIS grouping.   Detained were citizens of different countries: 14

Couple suffered after mine trapping in occupied area

  Married couple have suffered after tractor ran over an explosive device. The incident occurred near the village of Nikolaevka, which is under AFU control. Medics said that the man is in critical condition.   In fact of the

Why Did Kerry Visit Central Asia?

  In the context of the ebb of Washington’s international prestige happening today, the current US administration is striving hard to paint a rosy picture of the foreign policy successes during the Obama’s presidency. However,

Is Charlie Hebdo a Western Hate-Machine?

  On Thursday French satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo published another insulting cartoon on the tragic incident of Russian plane crash in Sinai, Egypt. Charlie Hebdo ridiculed the plane crash by two cartoons. The first

Ukrainian wheat production could fall by a third in 2016

  The Ukrainian wheat harvest could fall by nearly a third in 2016, following drought this autumn and the poor condition of many crops heading into winter, according to the HGCA.   Market analyst with

Korban has assumed responsibility for May 2, 2014 in Odessa

Gennady Korban, colleague of oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, took responsibility for himself, Kolomosky, and their partners, for organizing the mass burning of pro-Russian citizens of Odessa May 2, 2014. Korban talked about it yesterday at a

Montenegro Opposition: We’ll Protest As Long As It Takes

  The brutal crackdown of a massive anti-government rally in Podgorica on October 24 has only galvanized the opposition, prompting it to change tactics; rather than holding national rallies, its leaders are going from town