Just because you didn’t read about it in Western mainstream media doesn’t mean a food blockade against Crimea and threats to people traveling to there from Ukraine are not happening.


Portrait of Stepan Bandera in background at vigilante checkpoint at Ukraine-Crimea border


Conveniently unreported by Western media is the ongoing food transport blockade against the people of Crimea. It is being waged by extreme-right forces of Ukraine with the blessing of the NATO/EU-backed regime in Kyiv and its police and border officials.


The blockade began on September 20 at the three road crossings from Ukraine into Crimea. It was mentioned for a brief time in Western press, which called it an initiative of “Crimean Tatars”. This was false and misleading. Here is an example in Reuters of blatantly false reporting, dated September 20. Reuters went so far as to headline its article ‘Tatar activists block roads into Russia-annexed Crimea’.


The New York Times headlined, ‘Tatars, foes of Russia in Crimea, block shipments of food’.


The ‘Tatar’ claim was based on the fact that a few Tatar figures appointed years ago as deputies to the Ukrainian Rada called for a blockade. Refat Chubarov and Mustafa Dzhemilev threw in their lot with the Maidan movement at its outset in 2013 and they have urged a blockade of Crimea ever since a large majority of Crimeans voted in March 2014 to secede from Ukraine.


Portrait of Stepan Bandera adorns vigilante checkpoint at Ukraine-Crimea border


This recent video report (or click screen below) shows the blockade in action, and there is no doubt who is waging it–the extreme right of Ukraine. What we see in the short video, dating from October 28, are vigilantes of the neo-Nazi ‘Right Sector’ and ‘Azov Battalion’ stopping civilian vehicles en route to Crimea. They check papers and temporarily detain a young man suspected of being a “separatist”. They check his name against a list of ‘separatists’ in their own database.


Prominently featured at the vigilante checkpoint is an image of the notorious WW2 Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera (see photo).


Who controls Ukraine’s borders? The national government? Along the Ukraine-Crimea border, it is extremist vigilantes who control it, with the full connivance of Ukrainian government authorities. You did not read this in the pages of the New York Times, Guardian or Globe and Mail.


Enclosed below are news articles reporting on the ongoing food blockade against the Crimean people. One article reports on the attempts of Ukrainian people in the region bordering Crimea to end the blockade because it is harming local farmers and truckers. A planned protest by Ukrainians against the blockade on October 28, including by residents of the nearby city of Kherson, was called off because of threats and intimidation by the right-wing vigilantes.


Another article reports on a recent visit to Crimea of the head of Federation of Crimean Tatar Communities of Turkey. He compares the actions of Ukrainian extreme rightists against Crimea to the actions of ISIS extremists in Syria.


Recall that Ukraine has cut water supply to Crimea and has interrupted electricity supply at times to the region. You didn’t read that in reports by Western media or human rights agencies.



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