Explosions could be heard in different parts of the city this morning. This reports the MIA of Ukraine in the region.




At 7:40 and 8:00am the police received reports from the local residents that about four o’clock in the morning they heard explosions near places they live in.




«In both cases, the attacker threw an unknown object to the window, after it exploded», — said in a statement.


At the scene works investigative team. According to preliminary information, the residents weren’t hurt.


At the same time, the press service of «the Opposition bloc» stated that the grenades were thrown at the houses in which live families of Basil Bertash (the head of Rovno regional organization) and his deputy Anatoly Yukhimenko. As a result of explosions were shattered windows and doors.


«The opposition bloc» considers the incident as a terrorist attack. We call on the law enforcement agencies open and prompt investigation of this attack and punish the perpetrators»- said in a statement.