There can not be questions to Russia concerning refugees from the world community, because people from the Middle East and Africa choose where to go themselves. This was announced by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at a press conference after talks with his Finnish counterpart Timo Soini.


Lavrov stressed that refugee problem did not arise in connection with the Syrian crisis but because of the states destruction. As an example politician mentioned Libya, which is «in violation of all conceivable norms of international law was brutally destroyed».


«When, in violation of all conceivable norms of international law Libya was brutally destroyed, state has turned into a black hole from which flowed in different directions, mainly to other countries of North Africa, but also to the south of the continent, rushes of weapons and terrorists», — said Lavrov.


He also noted that there can not be issues to Moscow, whether to accept refugees who travel to Europe in large quantities. 


«The question of why Russia doesn’t take those refugees is, in fact, need to be guided by international law which states that the refugees choose themselves where they want to go to escape from some troubles», — said the head of foreign policy office.