Over 50 thousand people gathered for a rally in Germany, organized by local nationalist and patriotic organizations, demanding to ban entering to country illegal immigrants.


In Dresden to protest gathered more than eight thousand supporters of anti-Islamic group PEGIDA. The demonstrators chanted slogans «Down with the tolerance!» and «No to the construction of camps for Arab refugees!» also disembogued on resignation of Chancellor Angela Merkel who once promised to immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East haven on German soil.


According to The Washington Post, similar demonstrations were held in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and other German cities. Law enforcement agencies claim that actions in general were peaceful.


German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere stated that more than 83 thousand refugees came to the country in July.


«It is an unprecedented number, four times more than in previous year. Only in July 83 thousand refugees came to Germany, for August the number should reach between 90 and 100 thousand. That’s too much», — said the Minister.