Ukraine started getting defensive non-lethal weapons from abroad. This was stated today by Petro Poroshenko during the opening of military equipment exhibition «Power of unconquered» on St. Michael’s Square.


«We are grateful for the non-lethal defensive weapon that finally we start to receive», — he said.


At the same time, according to the president, Ukraine doesn’t need foreign soldiers, because the Ukrainian military have enough skills to protect their land. «We don’t need foreign troops. Ukrainians have enough military skills and courage to protect their land from invaders», — he said.


Poroshenko said that now the hot phase of the conflict in Donbass was managed to halt, but there are still great risks and dangers.


«Now the conflict has been suspended. But the situation is, unfortunately, still conceals enormous risks. That is why I have repeatedly pointed out, there is no reason to relax», — he stressed.