The Finnish Ministry of the Interior released new figures on the estimated number of asylum seekers arriving to the country this year. The ministry’s new estimated number is currently at about 30,000 to 35,000 migrants, or up to 20,000 people fewer than earlier estimates.




The Finnish Ministry of the Interior has announced new estimates of the total number of asylum seekers that would arrive this year. The ministry says it now expects a total of 30-35,000 migrants to have arrived to the country by the end of the year.


As recently as a couple of weeks ago the ministry had estimated as many as 50,000 asylum seekers would arrive by the end of the year.


The ministry said that it updated its projections after a slowdown of asylum applications in the past week.


Some 1,600 asylum seekers arrived during the past week, but in September the number of arriving asylum seekers was an average of 3,000 per week.


A ministry spokesman said that those projections could change again, because the numbers may fluctuate due to changes in the situation in the rest of Europe.