Concern VKO «Almaz-Antey» say that the involvement of Russian military equipment to the Malaysian «Boeing 777» catastrophe in eastern Ukraine, is completely excluded.


«Interfax» quotes the representative of the concern:


«The absence of the characteristic holes in a «butterfly» form completely eliminates the involvement of Russian military equipment to the catastrophe with the Malaysian «Boeing-777″, flight MH17».


Also, the main conclusion of the two experiments conducted by Concern VKO «Almaz-Antey» experts on July 31, and October 7, this year, «clearly indicates that using an anti-aircraft missile complex «Buk» with a warhead 9N314M and «I-beam» on the fuselage of the Malaysian «Boeing» would remain numerous holes in a «butterfly» form.


«At the same time, there were no such holes on the wreckage of the «Boeing-777», carrying flight MH17. This absolutely excludes the usage of missiles with «I-beam» fragmentation elements against «Boeing -777″», — stressed the expert.