The radical organization «Pravyy Sector» plans to march in Kiev on October 14, which causes concern to Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, according to Ukrainian newspaper «Vesti».


In Ukraine, on this day is celebrated several holidays: the Virgin of Mercy, the day of UPA creation, the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks and the Fatherland Defender’s Day.


The decision to strengthen security measures associated with past radicals’ actions, in particular under the Rada last year, as well as the events of August 31, when after protests of nationalists and radicals were killed four National Guard soldiers.


«In what format will be held the event is not yet known, but certainly «Pravyy Sector» will participate», — said a spokesman of the «Pravyy Sector» Artem Skoropadsky.


In Kiev police are confident that there will be riots.


«We expect provocations and will be ready for them,» — said the press service of the police.


The National Guard also note that will be ready for the riots, but emphasized that the fighters would have «adequate protection — body armours that will protect them from knives, sticks».