I remember being a little kid, singing this patriotic song in school, how we all so loved our country. Every morning, standing stone still at attention, like little soldiers we stood before the stars and stripes, starry eyed and steadfastly assured America would last ten thousand years. Sadly, freedom no longer rings, no real freedom anyway. Some very bad men and women have buried it, beneath the most horrid lies ever told. And an American president, entrusted with a sacred duty, betraying the fact our society is lost, wandering about beneath a strata of dark deceit and misdeeds.




Barack Obama is the chief executive of the government of the United States of America. His office, it is as much a symbol or icon of America, as it is a functional aspect of democratic ideals. Whoever holds this office, he’s supposed to direct the government to abide in the will of the people of our country. The president, above all our leaders, must adhere to the strictest discipline of law, he or she must not only represent the people, but BE representative. But Barack Obama is not representative of a typical American, even though he “represents” us to the world, he has and does not tell the people of the world, who we really are! Unfortunately, many do believe, that we are Barack Obama.


I want the reader, especially Americans who read this, to think about this for a second. Barack Obama is telling 7 billion people who you are, what you stand for, what your dreams and visions are, what the whole of America is. Ponder this in fairness and caring, for just a few moments, please.


One Year Ago


Now focus with me, as a fellow American, on the last 12 months only. It is August of 2014, the United States begins and air campaign against the so-called Islamic State, more properly the  Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Can you recall how the threat of ISIS was first presented to you? Do you remember the newscast of Islamic terrorists butchering people, destroying churches or shrines, or the way news announcers put ISIS in your living room? Barack Obama’s first revelations are in the history books, I recall how he characterized the US bombing campaigns he’d just authorized:


“The terrorists that have taken over parts of Iraq have been especially brutal to religious minorities—rounding up families, executing men, enslaving women, and threatening the systematic destruction of an entire religious community, which would be genocide.”


This quote, from the president’s weekly address August 9th, 2014 informs Americans a dire threat exists inside a country the United States took over, reorganized, and then abandoned. But the mess we left, this is not the purpose of Mr. Obama’s informative back then. Fear mongering, and inserting the idea our government would take care of the threat, this was the purpose. Barack Obama made no mention of the CIA funding, arming, and supporting extremists inside neighboring Syria


The same day America was formally introduced to Obama’s war on ISIL, CBS News supported the Washington fray with the headline “Obama: Airstrikes in Iraq taking a toll on ISIS.” The game was choreographed, the stage set, for a nebulous and misleading effort to supposedly erradicate America’s latest and greatest threat. Mr. Obama went on to declare:


“We’ll help prevent these terrorists from having a permanent safe haven from which to attack America.”


While the American president postured moderation and humanitarian ideals at the onset of the campaign against ISIL, the reality of his foreknowledge of the situation showed concrete strategics. This once classified document from 2012, an intelligence report from the DOD shows the administration knew exactly who, and what was in motion inside Iraq and Syria. The document is one of the most damning pieces of evidence that, the Obama administration wanted to work hand in hand with AlQaeda AND the jihadist Al Nusra, in order to crush old Israel foes Assad and Hezbollah.


A Longstanding Plan


This article at Zero Hedge, by Dr. Nafeez Ahmed, an investigative journalist, bestselling author and international security scholar outlines unequivocally Washington’s understanding, and the Obama administration’s part with regard to ISIS (ISIL). Make no mistake, the plan all along was to eliminate President Assad, in the end game of a US created Arab Spring. Looking into the growing chaos in North Africa and the Middle East from a historic perspective, funding various forms of extremism and terror is systematic. The Reagan administration, in collusion with Saudi Arabia 3 decades ago, funded Osama bin Laden’s Afghan mujahideen with billions. Today, the same players play at brokering death, chaos, and destruction in Syria and Iran, this time with Bashar Hafez al-Assad as the primary target.


For the purposes of this report, we’ve no need to micro-analyze the complexities of sectarianism in the Middle East, nor should we divert from the fundamental evil Barack Obama and the Washington elite present today. The whole point here is, the entirety of the “war on terror” is a lie. America and her allies (our governments, that is) helped create most of these radical groups, then denied any duplicity, and as we see today, classified or characterized these combatants at their convenience. AlQaeda metamorphosed from the army of Satan himself, into the “moderate opposition” in Syria, and so forth.


Now let me frame Obama’s un-truthfulness clearly here. Misleading, in cases where leaders should be demanded to be transparent, is lying. It is deliberate deceit. Period. In 2013, when Barack Obama spoke to the American people about Syria, he condemned Syria’s Assad a ruthless dictator. He accused the leader’s government, in much the same way George Bush accused Saddam Hussein of possessing WMOD, of “gassing” his own citizens. He also made an assessment as our “Commander in Chief,” that assured all of us Syria is in NO WAY a threat to the United States military. Here is the video of this address, listen to Obama’s passionate words to convince us to attack. There’s no mention of CIA funding of Assad’s opposition back before 2006, nor does the president even acknowledge he, or former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s briefings on US efforts to overthrow Assad. Yes, they intended to overthrow Assad, no matter what, since a decade or more. WikiLeaks released cables showing clearly, “peaceful demonstrations” Mr. Obama misleads Americans with in speeches, were in fact anything but. Let me quote from one such cable:


“As the end of 2006 approaches, Bashar (Assad) appears in some ways stronger than he has in two years. The country is economically stable (at least for the short term), internal opposition the regime faces is weak and intimidated, and regional issues seem to be going Syria,s way, from Damascus, perspective. Nonetheless, there are some long-standing vulnerabilities and looming issues that may provide opportunities to up the pressure on Bashar and his inner circle.”


The Nobility of Peace – Bastardized


Is this the language of our peaceful nation at work in the world? Take note of the intelligence here, please. How have we helped Syrians? If Assad’s country was “relatively stable economically” in late 2006, if he had no reason for fighting internal enemies, then explain to me how America and her allies helped people in Syria? What cosmic ray gun from outer space transformed a fairly stable Syria, into a goddamned bloodbath? You know the answer. Through incompetence, arrogance, Satanic evil, or at the direction of demons from the far reaches of the galaxy, Barack Obama has led America, and the western world, into a human catastrophe. And he’s pinned it all on us.


Let’s be perfectly clear here, there is no such thing as a “moderate opposition” in Syria. Barack Obama revealed this himself, in an earlier speech about Syria this Summer. The president told American “the US gives aid to the moderate opposition against ISIL, when we can find them,” reading from the tele-prompter at the White House. “When we can find them.” At a White House press conference the other day, Obama responded to a reporter asking about Russia’s latest involvement in Syria with this stoic lie:


“Well, first and foremost, let’s understand what’s happening in Syria and how we got here.  What started off as peaceful protests against Assad, the president, evolved into a civil war because Assad met those protests with unimaginable brutality.  And so this is not a conflict between the United States and any party in Syria; this is a conflict between the Syrian people and a brutal, ruthless dictator.”


Further down in this dialogue, the American president uses another familiar tactic of his, to adopt the winning strategy of his opponents. In a flip-flop of strategy, in the face of Russia eradicating ISIL in hours, not weeks, Obama “suggests” what Vladimir Putin offered first – a peaceful transition of the current government in Damascus. Having lost miserably in outwitting or maneuvering Putin and Russia, Obama falls back to his opponents strong position, making it his own. But skillful liars are Washington’s, London’s, Berlin’s, and Brussels’ bread and butter, we all know this. The problem with Obama is, as I suggested, that the world think he is US! He is destroying whole civilizations, killing off indiscriminately, and assisting in the eradication of people’s all over this planet, and saying “America wills it.” We have become the gods of war, deceit, and worse, the Three Stooges of international policy.


In the last few years we have witnessed a cohesive and unprecedented effort at misinformation and propaganda aimed at Americans. Barack Obama is only the figurehead, among a cohort or cabal of elitists in control of the world’s oldest constitutional democracy. We have hundreds, if not thousands of examples of uniquely alarming signals, some new form of controlling force is at work in our nation’s capital. This video about Syria from 2013, frames what I am talking about. Published by the White House, to coincide with Mr. Obama’s plea to attack Syria and Assad, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton speaks.


Now please stop right here. Hillary Clinton, who no longer held any official office, speaks for the White House. She advocates attacking Syria, professes the same ignorance of US actions inside that country – literally denies any involvement in having helped create the chaos from the US State Department headquarters while she ran it. My most poignant question here is; “Who the hell among us Americans needed to hear from an ordinary citizen, her opinion on this issue?” Why not ask some CIA expert, a four star general, or the dishwasher at the White House for an opinion? Control – control – control of American viewpoints, that’s why.


My friends. America is in really big trouble. I used the word “cabal” up there, because I want you to understand the nature of our leadership today. I know most Americans already know this, but I’d be less than candid if I did not point out, there is no choice in Washington. Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Clinton or Bush or Trump? The definition of a “cabal” is:


“A cabal is a group of people united in some close design together, usually to promote their private views or interests in a church, state, or other community, often by intrigue, usually unbeknownst to persons outside their group.”


I know my assertions have a ring of conspiracy to them, but please realize that conspiracies really do exist in everyday life. I’ve no need to define this term, human beings simply do “conspire” all the time. There is a “cabal” at work in America, in the so-called “West” too, we’ve no need to ignore this. What’s more productive here, and more urgent, is for every one of us to recognize the power and control these people leverage. Once you see this, fear of ISIL or Al-Qaeda will essentially evaporate, I assure you.


Resident Evil – In the Methods


You can readily see this “power” structure for yourself, by reading the WikiLeaks cable I mentioned before. Me and my colleagues speak of corporate or Obama controlled media often, but here is irrevocable proof America and the world is largely brainwashed:


“We should continue to encourage the Saudis and others to allow Khaddam (former Syrian VP and Washington’s successor to Assad?) access to their media outlets, providing him with venues for airing the SARG,s dirty laundry. We should anticipate an over-reaction by the regime that will add to its isolation and alienation from its Arab neighbors.”


Pay attention to the wording, in case you missed it. Within this quotation resides all of the Obama and Bush administration planning, and the perpetrators of world chaos and killing. Syria, those millions of refugees, Europe’s inundation with asylum seekers, can you now identify who is at fault? “Access to media outlets!” Anticipation of a coming blood bath! The plan for the destruction of millions of lives and livlihoods! Good GOD! Has anyone taken the time to read this?


The United States of America funded anti-Assad elements a decade or more before Vladimir Putin was forced to intercede. The United States of America twisted the arms of EU leadership to sanction Assad’s oil industry, years ago. Pressure, pressure, pressure was applied, bombs fell, poison gas choked human beings to death, burned their hearts and lungs, and the very people who perpetrated the war crimes – they blamed everyone but the guilty. In the cable I shared with you my countrymen, people payed by American taxpayers advised, from Damascus, Syria, on how to overthrow a foreign government. Weaknesses are listed, followed by recommended actions. These recommendations, as we see now, were acted upon by our officials. The directive plays out before your eyes in this way:


  1. Vulnerability – Syria’s Economy
  2. Suggested Action – Discourage foreign direct investment – especially from the Gulf (Persian)
  3. Final Result – Syrians willing to protest


And the list goes on. The guilty parties are even addressed, in the cable’s recipient list. It requires no IQ of 150 to discern, who is behind the war Putin is having to clean up today. The list of recipients cannot deny they knew, of plans for destroying a standing government. The US Department of the Treasury must have needed to know, their part in the strategy. So too, Tel Aviv and Israel, needed their own roadmap to Syria asunder. The NSA, and then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice – of course the cable was addressed there. Also included, were the League of Arab States, the US mission to the EU, the United Nations, and interestingly the US Central Command, uncommon as those bedfellows would seem to be. Finally, and unmistakably, the billing buck for our current Middle Eastern war stops, you know where, in the Oval Office of the White House, where George W. Bush passed the baton to Barack Obama.




How can I say Bush passed the war in Syria off to Obama? The play book went into effect, now didn’t it? This question, this answer, it leads us to the unmistakable conclusion US policy has nothing whatsoever to do with the will of the American people. How can I say this? Do I really need to continue to instruct intelligent readers? When a far reaching, and long term strategy is in play in our world, and when the average citizen is “led” to ignore the true ramifications of said policy, there is no democracy or freedom involved. Only by informed consent are these named officials empowered to take one step forward. And in this, every single solitary one of them has drastically overstepped their authority. Just how the whole lot has escaped real investigation and sentencing to prison terms, it’s beyond my understanding of how the American Constitution was meant to stand. These elitist arbiters of world crisis, they have over reached the boundaries of civilized society, they do what they want, unbridled by conscience, morality or the rule of law. Utterly dispicable is the only term I have to describe them.


However bombastic or passionate my distaste for betrayers is, it’s society’s loss, the damage to the innocent believer that infuriates me more. We trust people, they betray us and steal our heritage. Then they blame someone else, and more, and more, and more. All the while, playing, laughing, living it up, at the expense of decent human beings around the world. They spend trillions of dollars to line the pockets of already filthy rich sociopaths, when a few hundred billion would save millions of children. America has been spending $10 million dollars a day bombing sand in the deserts of a land no American school child can even locate on a map. A middle class working Dad in Iowa has to fear for his children being decapitated, by an angry teenager who saw his parents slaughtered by some CIA backed cohort, from God knows where or when. Poverty, hatred, fear, and instituted reprisals are heaped onto the poorest of humanity, and in the most desolate places, so that a corrupt system can go forward. And before God, before a puzzled and innocent human community, a man stands at a podium and names AMERICA the guilty party. Obama names you and me, our children, our ancestors, as the new Nazi regime intent on world domination.


And we stand still. We tune in for another Today Show or CNN report, where “access” is given to whoever the cabal needs to have access. And when “moral tongues” speak out in earnest, when we cry the warning, the cabal marches on, obscured in their wealth and power form the people they swore to God almighty they would protect. Looking back, remembering that classroom so long ago, I realize how sad is the story I just wrote for you. It’s a travesty you see, what we allowed these people to do to liberty, to the light of the world, these traitors to the American dream, and to the God of all people, the true author of liberty…………… may God be with us, in these trying times….


“Our fathers’ God to Thee,

Author of liberty,

To Thee we sing.

Long may our land be bright,

With freedom’s holy light,

Protect us by Thy might,

Great God our King.”


Phil Butler especially for News Front