«Islamic state» terrorists (IS) mined the Roman amphitheater in the ancient city of Palmyra, located in the Syrian province of Homs. This was told by Deputy Minister of Culture of the Arab Republic Ali al-Qayyim, reports RIA News.


«It’s true. This was told by several residents of Palmyra. IS militants have mined the amphitheater. They know that we can not strike at the historical monuments. They can continue to mine the remaining sites in the event, if they feel threatened or an offensive will start. Their actions are inhuman», — he said.


On October 5, IS terrorists blew up the Arc de Triomphe in Palmyra. To do this, the militants used a large quantity of explosives. Arch was dated to II century BC and located on the main shopping street. The height of the main arch was 20 meters.