In the evening on Sunday, October 4, at the Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue in Nikolaev, collided Chevrolet Aveo and Volkswagen Passat.



«Volkswagen», riding on Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue in the direction of the Ternovo ring, stopped at the red light in the area of public transport «Atelier».


Surprisingly, from the band went «Chevrolet», which traveled to the red light and crashed into a «Volkswagen».


The driver of «Volkswagen» was not injured. In addition in the car was his pregnant wife and young child, who fortunately, weren’t affected.


Behind the wheel of the «Chevrolet» was Lieutenant of Law Enforcement Military Service — Ukrainian analogue of the military police. From the officer was a distinct smell of alcohol, he was so drunk he could hardly stand up. Apparently, the passenger who had taken by an ambulance was also a soldier.