Ukrainian News: Massive explosion on petrol station in Nikolaev

Дата публикации: 03 октября 2015, 14:49


In the evening on October 2, fuel truck blew up on the area of petrol station in Nikolaev. As a result, were injured two people — they have burns.


Eyewitnesses reported that a powerful explosion occurred at about nine o’clock in the evening at the gas station «Fortuna» at a time when fuel was poured from one tanker to another.


vzriv v Nikolaeve


According to preliminary reports, the explosion occurred as a result of the fact that the workers hadn’t grounded tankers during fuel transfusion. As a result, one of the oil tankers was caught in fire.


The police officers were forced to block traffic on the adjacent road. Both drivers of fuel tankers suffered — they got skin burns.


vzriv v Nikolaeve




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