Supporters of the left-of-center opposition in Moldova blocked on Saturday night the main street of Chisinau, setting on the roadway another tent city.


To a place of protest were pulled riot police, but they failed to demolish the tents. The new «town» was surrounded by the deputies from the Socialists Party (MDBGS) and representatives of “Our party”.


“We have moved to Plan B. Blocking of the central avenue. Further will be more…” — wrote the MDBGS leader Igor Dodon on his Facebook page.


On Sunday, MDBGS supporters Dodon and Renato Usatyy (Our Party) came to the demonstration, the opposition put forward the head of state Nicolae Timofti an ultimatum — to resign before Friday. Moreover, on October 2, Dodon and Usatyy said that the planned meeting of October 4, postponed in order to avoid collision with another protest movement — the DA Civil Platform, which holds its protests from September 6.


Earlier, Dodon said that if the president doesn’t comply with the protesters, the left-of-center opposition will move to the new stages of mass protest, but hadn’t disclose the details.