Police in Tornio, on the border with Sweden, say that numbers entering the country fell to 300 per day after remaining at around 400 per day during the week. But authorities are still struggling to register all new arrivals




The number of people crossing the border from Sweden into Finland fell slightly this weekend, according to police.


Around 300 asylum seekers crossed the border on Saturday and Sunday, compared to around 400 a day during the week.


But the volume of people arriving to the town of Tornio is still stretching authorities who say they haven’t managed to register all the arriving asylum seekers on any one day since the start of last week.


«We’ve had problems with our information systems, meaning the information isn’t flowing like it should. That’s led to a backlog, but we hope to get on top of things again,» said local detective inspector Jan Fordell.

Long waits


On Saturday afternoon, around 100 people were facing long waits to be bussed from a makeshift arrivals hall in a local sports centre to the registration centre. With priority given to families, those left waiting were mainly young men.


«There’s not much for them to do,» admitted Noora Kero from the Red Cross, as some of the asylum seekers began to express irritation. «People want to help, and they’ve been cleaning, handing out food, sorting the donations that have come in. They just want to do something,» Kero said.


Swedish police announced on Friday that increasing numbers of people entering Sweden are saying they want to seek asylum in that country, which could lead to a reduction in people travelling on to Finland.