The Pentagon warned the White House about the readiness of Russia to the air strikes in Syria. This is with reference to its sources passes the LA Times edition.


Interlocutor noted that US intelligence detected the Russian equipment and ammunition couldn’t be called entirely defensive. According to the Pentagon, Russian fighter planes and attack aircrafts are in full combat readiness to inflict blows on Bashar Assad’s opponents.


In the air strikes may be involved 28 Russian military aircrafts which had been transferred to an air field in the Syrian province of Latakia.


Recall that, according to US intelligence, 12 bomber-fighters SU-24, the same amount of SU-25 and four SU-30 were recycled to Syria.


Earlier it was reported that the presidents of Russia and the United States will discuss the Syrian issue. Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama will hold talks in the framework of the UN General Assembly in New York.