«Pravyy Sector»* radicals are able to threaten only helpless Ukrainians, but in relation to Russia and Crimea, their threats are only in words, said Crimean prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya.


On Sunday, activists of the extremist movement «Pravyy Sector» and other Ukrainian organizations blocked the delivery of food to Crimea and began a «perpetual food blockade» of the peninsula.


«Ukrainian radicals who kill, rob, beat by their rules are the greatest threat to their own citizens. They are able to apply the force only to helpless Ukrainians, because they are sure in their impunity. In relation to Russia and Crimea — all threats are only in words and only at a safe distance, as they still have a sense of self-preservation», — said Poklonskaya.


However, she stressed that all security agencies on the Crimean border are operating in emergency mode.


«The maximum that radicals which are located on the other side of the border, are capable is to light a fire, beat the drums from afar, but no one will come closer», — said the prosecutor.


*The radical organization «Pravyy Sector» is recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation.