Washington was Assad gone from Syria. The world is well aware the Obama White House intends to unseat Bashar Hafez al-Assad, by hook or by crook. What most experts fail to even hint at though, is the primary reasoning for assisting in Assad’s overthrow. Israel is the sole reason Syria is a killing field, and Israel has the US flying air cover. Here’s how.


On a crisp September morning in 2015 a duo of  F/A-18C Hornet from the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush streaks over a lonely patch of desert in eastern Syria. The order is affirmative to drop 500 lb laser-guided bombs onto “targets” below in the wide open wilderness. As the planes veer off to return to the US carrier, two massive blasts erupt over nothing. For all anyone really knows, we could be bombing dust devils.

A US Navy (USN) F/A-18F Super Hornet


Putin’s UN Plea


Vladimir Putin is headed to New York City to speak before the United Nations General Assembly. The topic of his speech is a matter of great consternation for onlookers, but it’s certain Syria will mark a section of it. Rumors US President Barack Obama and he will not hold a summit, and further scuttlebutt Putin is to meet Donald Trump instead, are fodder for the bombastic cannons western media cannons now fire at Russia in constant barrages. But nowhere do we see, hear, or read about Israel’s part in all of today’s Middle East messiness. Just how the instigators of world chaos have escaped notice these last two years, it’s one of human kind’s great mysteries. Gaza to Kiev, Tehran to Algiers, the telltale footprints of Mossad and the greater Israeli influence are present. Now Vladimir Putin is about to plead with the UN to end the chaos in the Middle East, the last thing Israel and Washington want to happen.


If there’s one thing certain about Israel, speaking out against its policies usually leads to a body count or a long jail sentence. The news that does flow out of Tel Aviv, shows whistleblowers like nuclear arsenal informant Mordechai Vanunu alive only because of notoriety. The man who told the world Israel had nuclear weapons, spent 18 years in prison. As for nuclear capability and Israel’s secret service Mossad, Swiss reports the Israelis hacked and bugged recent Geneva talks accentuates further the Arab Spring, Syria, and Iran nuclear deal issues of this day. But nuclear weapons or even murdered Gaza babies do not frame the Jewish state nearly as well as the telltale evidence of ISIL support. Now that I’ve arrived at the crux, I hope I have your attention. Mr. Putin’s speech upcoming, will soon take on greater meaning.


A Facebook post by a media dissenter the other day spurred me to investigate further Israel’s role in the current Syria mess. The posting was a question about an old oil pipeline that fed Israel from Northern Iraq where the Kurds live. The Facebook pal, he wondered how come the Israelis are still getting cheap oil, when the pipeline in question runs right through ISIL controlled territory. Though not completely accurate, the insinuation set me to wondering “what if?” I know you’ll find what I discovered interesting, at the very least.


Most of Israel’s oil and natural gas originates at the port of Haifa. (CC)


The ISIL Bank – Guarded Oil


I believe Israel is funding ISIL in part, via direct oil purchases from the world’s most feared terror group. In conjunction with the Kurds who are at war with ISIL as well, the funding US President Barack Obama says American strategies are supposed to be disrupting, may actually be being protected by US air presence. This is a fairly bold insinuation, I’ll admit, but bear with me while I fill you in on what I know.


The red line you see drawn represents the only viable working pipeline for supplying Israeli oil.


The map you see above shows the Israel-Syria-Iraq region, and key pipelines traversing ISIL held territory in Northern Iraq. You will denote a red line the author of the map has drawn to show the only “viable” oil flow possible from Kurdish held territory. Other pipelines, such as the southernmost line designated A34, these have been closed for some years now. The reader may check my facts by studying the latest Middle East pipeline data here. I believe Washington and the Israelis are taking advantage of the people being uninformed when it comes to geography. Put simply ISIL controls key oil producing and transmission territory in Syria and Iraq. It’s territory the US Pentagon and Tel Aviv had just as soon Russia’s jets were not flying missions over. But I’ll discuss this in a moment. First you need to understand “who” is “where”, and how Israel plays into this theory of mine. The map below further illuminates the complex nature of ISIL and Kurdish oil production and transmission, as well as the reality of terror funding. Barack Obama claims the US is disrupting ISIL’s gun money, but these facts refute this notion. 


Click on the map to see the larger situation map (The Energy Policy Information Center)


This article the other day by Hana Levi Julian of the Jewish Press, it’s designed to be a misdirect in my opinion. Knowing someone would sooner or later track tanker movements and oil flows into Israel, it’s only logical to circumvent any negative revelation by proclaiming the Israelis get most of their cheap oil from Iraqi Kurdistan. For most readers, learning Haifa gets tankers loaded with oil from ISIL’s second worst enemy is comforting. But a quote from the Jewish Press piece and a Kurdish official is a foreboding too:


“We do not care where the oil goes once we have delivered it to the traders. Our priority is getting the cash to fund our Peshmerga forces against Da’esh (ISIS) and to pay civil servant salaries.”


Indeed, nobody cares where oil from this region goes, as long as the chaos against Assad is funded, and as long as every Israeli interest is served. This insightful article I found provided not only one of the maps above, but also the notion ISIL and the Kurds depend on one another for these oil flows. The fact both insurgencies depend on oil money is irrefutable. The only question remaining is whether or not ISIL allows Kurdish oil flows to pass. This Jerusalem Post article further validates Israel’s dependence on Kurdish oil flows, flows which must arrive via tanker. This is crucial to understanding how ISIL has to be playing a role. If any of the other pipelines were usable, if other foreign oil were being imported, then tankers from Turkey’s Ceyhan petroleum port would simply be out of the question. The second map I provided is one of hundreds anyone can find showing ISIL and Kurd strategic control, and the Turkey-Israel connective. We must assume ISIL is allowing this energy to flow, in full knowing, who is paying for it. So the question now arises, “who is really paying for the Syrian civil war?” You will only need one guess.


A US Air Force B-1B Lancer flies over northern Iraq after conducting air strikes in Syria against ISIL targets, Sept. 27, 2014.


On US Air Cover


Israel wanted the Arab Spring, and with Barack Obama in the White House, there was no more opportune time to initiate a widespread Arabic paradigm. Gaddafi was overthrown, Egypt turned upside down, Tunisia was reworked, North Africa and the Middle East are now a stew pot overflowing, and Israel has had carte blanche permission to slaughter Palestinians on biblical level. Russia is the new and improved enemy of freedom, Ukraine and refugees threaten to unravel Europe, and sitting quietly, peacefully innocent of all wrongdoing, tiny Israel watches and waits.


Over at US Central Command headquarters, daily reports of the “Syria” mission flow through the military news funnel. So called “declassified” evidence of air strikes are few and far between in the war on ISIL, but I did manage to find the one showing a football stadium being utterly eliminated. The video suggest (PDF report here) this stadium near Ramadi was an ISIL command and staging area. There are a few other declassified air strike videos here, strikes of such precision one has to wonder why an oil pumping station or two could not be blown up?


This report from September 17th tells how massive US air power was leveled against ISIL. Unfortunately armored bull dozers and ISIL back hoe tractors seem pitiful targets compared to 3 foot thick terrorist oil pipelines! You read that correctly, the mighty US military is reporting blowing up farm equipment and fox holes in the middle of nowhere. This too leads me to the conclusion Barack Obama and Israel have good reason not to want Putin’s Migs nowhere near ISIL. Russian air power intent on destroying ISIL’s capacity to make war, would certainly succeed in days, not weeks. But Russian jets would not be under Central Command, Mr. Obama could not command them to strike football stadiums instead of oil distribution centers and pipelines.


What if US pilots are unwittingly flying air cover for ISIL oil production?


Vladimir Putin has been the only stumbling block to unlimited war by the US led coalition in Syria. His initial solution for the “chemical weapons” charade, a please to the American people via the New York Times, and his more recent negotiations with Syria’s Assad have thwarted Israel and Washington so far. At the United Nations assembly upcoming, I am sure Mr. Putin will once again provide a compelling argument for ending ISIL once and for all. And let’s face it, the only reason to shun Russian intervention now, is secret skullduggery by the coalition. After over a year of bombing NOTHING critical to ISIL, Obama’s play becomes more transparent. Our forces may well be arrayed to fly air cover for anti-Assad elements like ISIL and the Kurds, and protection for dirt cheap Israeli energy. At least this represents a logical explanation for Syria’s ongoing plight.


President Putin and President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Moscow this week (President of Russia)


If I am correct in this, Israel has opted for obtaining the cheapest energy solution possible, while at the same time funding ANYONE who is against Syria’s Assad. From a Tel Aviv perspective, the idea makes sense in all honesty. With Assad gone, and with US duplicity in these matters, Israel would become the ultimate powerhouse of stability in this region. Her enemies dispersed like wandering nomads, the Jewish state could go ahead and eradicate the Palestinians, expand her territories uninhibited, and dictate policy for the whole region. That is, with Washington’s say so.


The last thing Israel wants to see over it’s oil supply – a Russian Mig 35 loaded for the kill


So, I would not be surprised to see Vladimir Putin showing evidence of this scenario. I’m not saying he will, but the United Nations would have a very difficult time in public, condoning Israeli oil purchases from the very people beheading Christians and Muslims in the deserts. Maybe someone with more resources than me, should track down this oil? I would like to know for certain if an American president is lying to me about his “struggle” to cut off ISIL’s oil revenue. The New York Times would then have to work harder to cover his ass too. Blaming Turkey for an Iraqi oil flow, this seems absurd, but let’s see what Mr. Putin has to say in New York.


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