As the influx of refugees to Europe continues to grow, this shocking video showing the aftermath of a missile attack in Aleppo — the largest city in Syria — is a powerful reminder of just why so many people are desperately trying to flee the devastating conflict.


The video, which is an extremely tough watch, was taken by the Aleppo Civil Defence group after an airstrike on a busy marketplace killed up to 32 people, according to The Independent. 


The attack happened in the rebel-controlled al-Sha’ar neighbourhood and shows a man wearing a camera walking through the market surrounded by civilian casualties, emergency services frantically trying to help the injured, and incoming sirens. Many of the buildings and vehicles are on fire and there is rubble and debris everywhere.


WARNING: This footage is extremely graphic and may be upsetting for some viewers.


Aleppo is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and for a long time it was a cultural hub. But the city has been torn apart by the Syrian Civil War and since 2012 there has been ever-present fighting between the government-controlled West of the city and the rebel-held East.


In the four years since the start of the Syrian Civil War, over 200,000 people have been killed.


For many people who have been unable to make the journey into Europe, this is their everyday reality.


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