The French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said that France doesn’t exclude the possibility of creating a European border service, but is aware that it will require a lot of time.


«This is the logic of the Schengen: effective control on external borders and freedom of movement inside for some harmonization as well as emergency measures in the case of extraordinary situations. But the creation of a European Border Protection Service will take time. And a strong inflow of refugees and migrants have already loosened the system».


The most urgent measures to solve the migration crisis, are: the creation of reception centers for migrants in the frontier EU countries, the organization of a fair distribution of refugees, help the countries outside the EU, found themselves at the turn (Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon), an active search for a political and military solutions of situation in the eastern Mediterranean countries and conduct of an active policy for the development of African countries.


At the same time, according to the French Foreign Minister, to establish reception centers for refugees in countries outside the EU will be difficult:


«In Europe, it is necessary for them to work effectively. In countries outside (the European Union), it will be difficult. Some agree, for example, Niger. But this can’t be imposed. It is a matter of sovereignty».


Fabius also said that the restoration of national borders won’t solve the migration crisis. «It would be misleading to think that everyone will come out of it, restoring national borders», — he added.