For the first time of the Crimean blockade desperate truck tried to ram militants cordon who seized the route in the area of Chongar.




The driver of a heavy truck was carrying tomatoes from the Kherson area to Crimea. Fruits are ripe, won’t stand long parking in the heat.


The car rushed to bypass the checkpoint, but the path to Kherson tomatoes was blocked by «patriots». To ram bandits wearing camouflage driver didn’t dare. He was beaten, heavy truck was launched ago.


Tomatoes in Kherson are cheap. No one needs that cargo.


Now the hard work and the costs of local farmers have turned into nothing. How to live?


Glorious victory over tomatoes militants initially attributed to the Crimean Tatar activists. That was necessary for the script. Alas, the Tatars themselves disown such insanity. It turned out that multi-ton cargo of Kherson tomatoes was doomed to rot by Kryvyi Rih «dregs of society» organization «Vyzvolny ruh» and «Sich KR». It seems that on the Crimean cordon are gathered Maidan trash from all over Ukraine.