Word news: Police restrained several hundred refugees on the road to Budapest

Дата публикации: 09 сентября 2015, 13:40

Currently, law enforcement officers are holding back the onslaught of refugees who refused to go to the police migration station in the village Reske. The refugees are aggressive, and refuse to stay in the camp.


Instead of staying in the camp, refugees went on foot to the nearest city of Szeged on the highway leading from the Hungarian border to Budapest.




On Tuesday, to the Hungarian village Reske, located on the border with Serbia, arrived a large number of refugees. Local media reported that before that the Serbian authorities have sent a special train from the border with Macedonia to the north of Serbia to Hungarian border, which is also the border of the EU.


By this train to serbian border town Subbotitsa arrived about 2 thousand refugees. Yet nearly a thousand came to the border on their own. All of them have passed the border without hindrance during the second half of the day. Most of them agreed to go to a police migration station in the village Reske.


At the same time about a thousand people have refused to do so out of fear that they will be registrated there and then stay in Hungary, while the majority of them want to get to richer countries of the European Union. Chanting «No Camp» and «Budapest», they went on the M5 highway in the direction of the nearest town Szeged and later to Budapest, located 180 kilometers from the border.


However, at the exit of the village they were stopped by police squad. Now law enforcement officers holding back the onslaught of refugees, at the same time police reinforcements are arriving to the place. The refugees are aggressive, and refuse to stay in the camp.


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