About five thousand farmers, mainly from Belgium and France, are protesting in Brussels in front of the EU Council. Farmers pull together the column of tractors to Belgian capital, planning to block highways of the city, reports Le Soir. Brussels police warn drivers in advance that to drive up to the EU Council and European Commission buildings will be problematic. Belgians were advised to abandon cars in favor of public transport.


Protesters are outraged by the EU policy, which has put them on the brink of poverty.


Sanctions against Russia and reciprocal food embargo turned into billions of losses for farmers, and for some — a complete bankruptcy. Purchasing prices for dairy and meat products have already fallen below cost.


Today in Brussels will be held an extraordinary Ministers Council of the EU Agriculture. In the European quarter, where the meeting will be held, farmers plan to pour a few tons of milk — «under the feet of unscrupulous bureaucrats». It is expected that the European Commission will present a package of possible measures to support EU agriculture.


The National Front leader Marine Le Pen has accused the European Union with their «idiotic sanctions» against Russia in the current situation. This was written by TASS. She called the EU policy towards the farmers as «sinister» and causing extensive damage to agriculture.


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