Dnepropetrovsk residents report about screening with smoke.




On September, 3 Dnepropetrovsk and Krivoy Rog were covered with unfathered clouds of smoke. Screening is observed in all areas of both cities, reports «Radio Liberty».


It also notes that in the cities there are rumors about the alleged accident at the uranium industry enterprises or chemical plant.


At the same time, in the State Service for Emergency Situations (SSfES) was reported that «as to September, 3, 2015 in Dnepropetrovsk region haven’t been recorded emergencies related to forest fires».


As was stated in the department, «smoke, which is observed in some parts of the region can be spread from neighboring regions, where work on the elimination of fire in the ecosystemis is continuing».


A SSfES chairman in Dnepropetrovsk region Andrey Kulbach said that smoke comes from Poltava and Kiev regions, where burning peat bogs.


According to him, it can also be associated with an increasing number of fires in the area. So, on September, 3 at the Novomoskovsk district was burning a dust hole.


«The biggest smoke is in the Dnieper waters, because water attracts the smoke. Now sanitary station is making measurements in the presence of harmful substances in the air», — also said Kulbach.


112.ua correspondent reports that smokescreen also sank to Luhansk region. In addition, according to «Ukrinform», smog with the empyreume was able to be observed in some parts of Kharkiv.


We will recall that yesterday on September 3, early in the morning due to the massive fire, Kiev was covered with smoke, the concentration of harmful substances in some parts of the city exceeded the norm by several times. Later it became known about the screening of several settlements of Ukraine.