Instead of the «civilized» European state,  Ukraine is on the verge of turning into a gangster state,  where everything is solved with a position of power,  bribery and «anarchy laws».

Firstly,  Poroshenko has canceled the assignment of Donbass special status,  which was fundamental to the «Minsk Agreements»,  now the head of the Defense Council of Ukraine Turchinov demands to bring Zakharchenko in packages.


That is neither a joke nor irony.  When talking with the division of special forces soldiers,  Turchinov quite seriously,  without any smile,  asked:  «If it’s necessary will you bring Zakharchenko in the package?»


The answer was quite serious as well:  «No problem.  Give a command!»


Immediately recall the words of Merkel and Obama,  who argue that unlike in Russia,  Kiev faithfully complies with the truce terms in Minsk.


Something tells me that,  alongside with the «Minsk Agreements» was signed another agreement that meets the interests of Western countries,  but not Ukraine and Donbass.  Painfully frankly «Obamas» support Poroshenko,  when he didn’t even bothers with the full withdrawal of heavy equipment,  which is also a must-see destination of the truce.


In fact,  the «Minsk Agreements» doesn’t have much weight,  because even now,  the special representative of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Saydik Martin said,  that the agreement which obliges the parties to cease fire only till September,  1 was reached.  But wasn’t this agreement reached in February,  and why Kiev doesn’t implement it?


Such statements suggest that all pro-Western organizations not only support Kiev,  despite the gross violations of the latter,  but more than that,  they are specially coating lawlessness in order to Donbass people capitulated before Poroshenko and his army.


This position sustains to the Western project completion of the European integration of Ukraine to further exposure to the Russian Federation.  Otherwise,  would the world leaders talk about the fact that Kiev implements the agreement when the head of the National Security Council demands to bring him the head of the DPR leader in the package?