TNS-Ukraine company poll of Internet users indicates that Ukrainians are strongly dissatisfied with almost all aspects of life and development of the country, as well as actions of the authorities.

Internet poll

56% of respondents think that the situation in the country develops in the wrong direction and only 20% have the opposite opinion,  67% consider the current society as unjust,  and only 5% think the opposite.


In Western Ukraine only 25% complain about the unfairness.


47% of respondents consider the situation in Ukraine as explosive,  11% as stained and only 1% as stable.


83% of Ukrainians aren’t satisfied with the recent events in the country.


Only 0.2% of respondents are fully satisfied with the Ukrainian authorities,  35% are highly dissatisfied,  30% consider that authorities aren’t largely fulfilling their obligations,  and 33% that authorities are trying to do something but it is not enough.


At the same time 13% claim that they feel the beginning of reforms in Ukraine,  but 59% don’t see them yet.


According to the situation on the East of Ukraine 76% consider it as explosive, 22% that it’s tense but stable. 71% of respondents evaluate the ATO absolutely or rather negative,  the positive opinion have only 16%.


The poll was conducted in July 2015 among the urban population all over Ukraine by an online poll.  1,000 users were interviewed.